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About The Palmetto Presbytery



The Palmetto Presbytery was formed in 2015, after a larger presbytery, also named the Palmetto Presbytery, filed an overture to split into three smaller presbyteries to better care for churches in more defined geographic regions across South Carolina. This request allowed for a concentrated effort of both church planting and church support for those regions. The request was approved during the 2015 PCA General Assembly as overture number 4, see below.

2015, p. 52, 43-45, III.6. Overture 4 was adopted, dividing and multiplying Palmetto Presbytery into three new presbyteries: a continuing “Columbia Area Presbytery,” a new “Coastal Carolina Presbytery,” and a new “Low Country Presbytery,” all to be officially named by the members of the respective presbyteries. The boundaries of the three presbyteries were defined.

The Palmetto Presbytery was originally going to be named “Columbia Area Presbytery” was renamed to “Palmetto Presbytery” as the presbytery encompassed areas outside of the immediate Columbia vicinities.

As of 2024, the Palmetto Presbytery consists of twenty-four particularized churches and two mission churches. The boundaries of the Palmetto Presbytery currently include the counties of Aiken, Lexington, Richland, Fairfield, and Kershaw.


Our Mission



"As one communion in the worldwide church, and the Presbyterian Church in America, The Palmetto Presbytery exists to glorify God by extending the kingdom of Jesus Christ over all individual members of presbytery and through all areas of society even in all nations and cultures. To accomplish this end, we aim to fill The Palmetto Presbytery with churches and church officers growing in vital worship, personal holiness, true fellowship, theological depth, assertive evangelism and deeds of compassion."

For more information on the history of the PCA please click here.

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